Limited Edition Spring Collection!!

Featuring our new Dough Bowl 3 wick Candle!

Hand Poured with Inspirational Prayer and Love

Light your candle, read the affirmation on your vessel, and watch the show.

A beautiful luxury candle experience with a "little" or "a lot" of extra. We will let you decide.

Favorite MLCA Original Shimmering Scents

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Wick golden, black, silver metal scissor
Cozy real home decoration, burning candl
Candle Care

At Miss Lynn's Candle of Affirmation not only do we want you to enjoy your candle as long as possible but we also care about your safety and we know that proper candle care is necessary for both your safety and also to ensure longevity of your purchase. 

Following your purchase you will receive detailed instructions emailed to you on how to properly handle your new MLCA Luxury Candle with care when it arrives in it's new home.

Matte Black Candle Snuffer

Matte Black Candle Snuffer

Matte Black Candle Dipper

Matte Black Candle Dipper

White Candles with Plant Decor

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A Bit About MLCA

Miss Lynn's Candles of Affirmation was birthed in 2007. The name was given by Agnes, the beautiful grandmother of our founder Tracee. Tracee is affectionately known as Miss Lynn by many of her family members especially her late Aunt Yvette "Wren" who suddenly departed this earth in February of 2020 from Angiosarcoma. Angiosarcoma is a rare form of cancer that our founder is dedicating much research to. When Miss Agnes gave Tracee the name for her candle line it was way before her time. She spoke into her granddaughter Tracee’s future to become a woman of faith and affirmation who would speak life and encouragement to those around her. Little did Tracee know many of those affirmations would be from lessons she'd pull from her very own life. The purpose of our candle collections is to affirm and bring comfort to those who have experienced a loved one departed, as well as affirm those who need mental peace and clarity. Our affirmations aim to keep hearts focused on God, to provide mental stability and freedom.

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