Activating Your Super Hero

I usually have an idea in my head and begin working on my draft for this blog mid week and then on Sunday mornings I read through it, add, make changes and publish my thoughts. However, this week I had nothing. There was literally nothing coming to mind that I truly wanted to dig into, in addition I've also been staying up later than usual working on my candle collection and last night was no different which meant I was exhausted and didn't know how I was going to get up and think of something this morning to write on. However I promised myself I would be consistent with publishing every week.

When I woke up this morning I realized I have strangely dreamt of being a super hero for the past couple of nights, sounds funny yes. However, when I have repetitive dreams like that I always grab my phone immediately so I don't forget the dream and then I look up the interpretation, I'm sure someone reading this can relate. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong it's just fun to look up what others could possibly be saying your dream may have meant.

Dreaming of being a super hero the past few nights was quite weird, I didn't think about it much yesterday but when I thought about my dream this morning it made me remember that this has been my dream pattern for a few days now which I thought was interesting yet also a strange thing to dream about and the interpretations were quite interesting.

In summary the meanings I found pretty much all said it's my subconscious telling me to stop hiding things I'm good at and to stop dimming my light. One interpretation added that the person dreaming of being a super hero has above average talents they are hiding from others, that they're super smart and creative (no I'm not making this up, lol I promise) and lastly if you dream of being a super hero with flying abilities, which I did it meant you're quick thinking in getting out of awkward situations. This part made me chuckle because I'm VERY good at that. This was so loaded in interpretation and honestly as I write this I'm still processing it and now wondering what else has God has possibly put inside me that I'm still dimming my light on.

I have definitely been in situations and even relationships where I felt I needed to dim my light to make others comfortable, reserved my thoughts and ideas because I don't want to be seen a certain way or even because I thought it was stupid. However, over the past 5-6 months or so I have been extremely intentional in not dimming my light, in stepping out of my comfort zones and not caring how others may perceive me. Starting this blog was one of those things that I pushed out of myself because I knew it was necessary for me to share my ideas and thoughts in a way that could help and encourage others.

No, I don't have a degree in psychology or journalism but I have lots of life experiences and honestly had to tell myself that degrees in those specialties don't give people ideas and thoughts, it just certifies them to help people or work in a professional setting in those fields. Reminding myself of that was the push I needed to start this blog. I didn't need a degree in either of those things, I'm not even the best writer but I do have thoughts and life experiences and the ability to encourage.

When I re-launched my candle collection I was so nervous and extremely terrified in how it would be perceived and received. A million thoughts went through my mind and a million still do. Would people like my candles, would it make them happy, would it motivate them, would it affirm them the way I envisioned, would they perform as I hoped. When you make a product that essentially is going into someone's home it's pretty darn scary. You pray that they are doing well, you hope that they smell good, staying lit, and that they are safe. My candles are a piece of me that I putting into someone's home and doubt still kicks in worrying about my "candle babies". The day I launched one of my cousins said something to me and I continuously have to remind myself of what she said from time to time. She texted me to see how I was doing and I responded that I was scared and nervous. Her response was "don't be, this is the start of your platform to share with the world all of the greatness God has put into you" and when she sent it in a text I of course told her "now I'm crying, thanks a lot" and she called me a wimp lol and as I typed it here I am now crying again!! I'm definitely a wimp but oh well that's another thing I don't really care about being judged on anymore, having feelings and emotions means you're alive and for that I am grateful!

However now I'm wondering what else could I possibly be holding back from showing the world that I'm capable of, is there more that God is pushing out of me this year that will take me to the next level of freedom. Sure, in the past my lack of confidence in certain areas, fear and how I'd be perceived held me back in my abilities but as I stretch out of that space God just keeps pushing me even harder.

When I read my dream interpretation this morning while laying in bed that's when it became crystal clear that this is what I needed to publish this week, see how God works. It wasn't just for me I realized but for whoever is reading this. It's time you ask yourself what you're holding back from the world, what is it that you know you're capable of and able to showcase that you may be dimming your light on and it's time to ask yourself if you are holding back from living out your dreams, big or small. Most of us have jobs and it doesn't matter if you enjoy them, love them or not we are all allowed the ability to have more than one purpose and idea. You can be more than one thing. Most celebrities show us this. If they're a singer and that's their gift, they always do more. They always create other businesses or market themselves in another space outside of that one talent they are known primarily for.

We have all lived through 2020 and although we have only been in 2021 for 10 days now it seems this is going to be yet another historical year filled with historical moments for us all to witness. This is not by mistake as my mother said yesterday and I agree with her, God as a whole I believe is pushing us all out of our comfort zones. What we also learned even more is that no matter who you are life is short and any one can leave at any moment or as my grandmother told me last week "only one thing is guaranteed and that's that none of us will make it out alive" meaning death is guaranteed, when it happens for us is the only uncertainty. Since we don't know when it can come knocking it's time for us all to realize that we don't have time to waste. It's time you ask yourself what is it that you're needing to accomplish. You can't allow yourself to leave this world without pushing out something extra if it's your desire, it's time for you to accomplish something you may have been holding back on and truly living your dash moments to the fullest. You were born and in your obituary there will be a dash followed by the year and date you leave, the moments in between are what matter the most.

While you're thinking through that and trying to figure out what it is that you need to push out of yourself remember that it may not be something that goes on a platform as large as Beyoncé's, it may only touch a few people, it may only be for you and no one else to see and that doesn't make it any less great. We were all divinely created in a unique way, we were all given some gift or purpose. I thanked God last night and every night before that for answering my prayers when I asked Him "what else should I be doing" "what other ways can I do your work" and He's been showing me in more ways than one what my purpose is and how He wants me to continue using it. If I were to truly reflect on my dreams of the past few nights, it's quite possible there is more He's wanting to push out of me. When I started the candle business years ago, I let it fizzle off and not because I didn't enjoy it but it just wasn't the time as I have now come to realize. God however pushed it out of me again this year in a subtle or in His not so subtle way of doing things.

It's no mistake that I reflected on last night's dream this morning and that it became crystal clear it needed to be my blog subject this week. I know now without a doubt part of my purpose is to help others even it's just one person that I touch. I don't need an audience of a million to be effective. So I encourage you that if it's just one person that this is resonating with and quite frankly I beg of you to start living out your dash to the fullest. Don't be the person dreaming of being a super hero while dimming your light out of fear or lack of confidence that you're able to accomplish more. It's time you make a purpose plan, journal your thoughts on what you're good at, what you enjoy and what makes you happy. It's time you launch the business, it's time you show the world more of the authentic you, write the book, or whatever it is that you're holding back from releasing inside yourself. It's time for you to stop procrastinating.

I heard this thought in a sermon on what procrastination is and remind myself of this all the time "Procrastination is the arrogant assumption that God owes you another chance to do tomorrow what He gave you the chance to do today".

Ask yourself this question "how arrogant am I being today"?

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