Being Authentically You

My last message was about identifying authenticity and what it really is. Today let’s cover why you should choose authenticity. With the way things are in the world, it is harder to be ourselves today than at any point in history. There are more opportunities to fit in and reach a broad audience. However, there are also more ways to express ourselves than ever before.

There’s always this joke when you see a person’s social media account that you know them in real life and that person that they’re portraying on social media is not the same as the person you know and that’s because people have been known to have many different personalities on their social media accounts that’s vastly different than who they really are. Sometimes it’s just privacy, other times it’s hiding behind who we think people want to see vs who we really are. In this though as you continue to try on different personalities, you will begin to lose yourself.

At some point you will become confused of who you are and aren’t. Losing sight of who you are authentically may make you feel anxious more often or depressed while aslo leading you to question your purpose.

When you choose to become someone you're not, you tell yourself that the real you is not up to standard - that you dislike being you. Hiding who you are or suppressing your true self will leave you feeling unfulfilled.

On the caveat, the choice to be authentic will lead to your happiness and contentment. It's how you experience life on your terms and stay true to yourself. To remain true to yourself, you must embrace your reality.

The best way to do that is by being 100% honest with yourself, whatever that may be.

Here are two things that will help you stay grounded in your authenticity.

Stand in your truth. The whole idea behind authenticity is about maintaining our integrity with the truth. But many people learned from an early age to be people-pleasers, not truth-tellers. You are more than enough being exactly who you are without people pleasing.

Speak your mind. Authenticity is all about speaking our minds and being honest with our feelings. Yet, this can be very dangerous in a world that can punish us for expressing ourselves too much or too little. It can feel scary to speak up and not care what others think because we want to be true to ourselves. But, when you speak your mind, you'll find the courage to step outside of the ordinary and say what you need to say without fear of judgment.

The most important thing in understanding authenticity is not about getting a high grade or shaking everyone up with how we speak the truth. It's about being true to ourselves, forging our path, and making decisions that support our values.

I will live in my truth and speak my mind without fear of judgement. I live without feelings of shame and low self worth in my authenticity. I allow myself to be vulnerable so that people can know the real me.

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