Daily Habits of Care for Your Mind

Morning rituals are more than just being about the body, part two and an extension of Monday’s message is about our mind. Here are some quick tips to set your mind for the day.

  1. Avoid technology. Resist the urge to lose yourself in social media. Turn off your phone or check for urgent messages only. This one is huge; you should focus on something else first thing in the morning. Social media in the morning and throughout the day will cripple you and keep you from immediate task.

  2. Be prepared. Starting on tasks the night before can make your mornings more pleasant. Lay out your clothes, pack your lunch, or whatever it is you can do to prepare for the next day the night before so that your morning isn’t filled with chaos and stress.

  3. Continue learning. You could use your mornings to complete your degree online or study more informally. Listen to history and economics podcasts. Read high quality fiction or nonfiction.

  4. Have a project. Do you struggle to find time for yourself? The early hours may be an opportunity to engage your personal passions or expand your side gig.

  5. Plan your day. Set goals and block out your time. Otherwise, external events can keep you from focusing on your true priorities. Remember to leave yourself adequate downtime for refreshing breaks.

Affirmations of the day: I will focus on being mentally prepared to start my day. I will feed my mind daily with learning. I prepare for my day the night before to avoid morning chaos and confusion. I am focused on eliminating distractions that reduce productivity.

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