Do you forgive you?

I don’t know about you but man this can be a struggle for me at times, a complete stronghold on my life. You're taught to give forgiveness to every person around you but somehow the most important person is left off and out of the equation. I have literally sat in my thoughts and just plain ol' upset with not a single soul but “ME”. Upset with myself for ignoring my discernment when I know someone wasn't quite right for me, upset with myself for allowing situations to go on longer than necessary, upset with myself for not recognizing what a loved one that has now transitioned may have needed from me. I’ve held myself hostage to instant replay on my life and on things that I seriously can’t ever change, no matter how much I think about them and replay. However, I realized as maddening as it is that these are things that have shaped me, they are the experiences I’ve used for my personal growth and development! Then I begin to wonder, what is this cycle of unforgiveness of self going to do for me? I realized that what I was doing by replaying my past is stunting my personal growth and showing God that I don't trust Him. Forgetting that there's no way I'm powerful enough to have controlled every outcome and it isn't up to me to figure out which of out of any of them that I could have possibly been the reason for an unsatisfactory outcome. I had to tell myself “no more"!!!! You will no longer revisit that relationship, you know that loved one that's with God loved you in all of your perfectly imperfectness and while you may have pivoted a few of the plans for your life, God still remains in control for your "next" phase. I encourage you to do the same. Break the chains and release the things of the past. You can't go back and make it right. However, if you do possess a time machine do me a favor and please give me my pre kid belly back!!! 😂 BUT since this isn't going to happen it's time to release it all and put God back in His rightful place in your life. It's time for you to say "today" is my only assignment because God has tomorrow and the devil is the only one throwing my past in my face! NO MORE!

BREAK the chain, forgive YOU!! It's time to RELEASE!

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