How does MLCA make the Earth Better!?

Earth day! It's a day we use annually to celebrate the earth and bring awareness to pollution and deforestation. Our earth has taken quite a beating over the years and it's our responsibility to make sure we make necessary changes to keep our world in tact!

What does MLCA do to take care of the earth?!

1. Use of Coco Apricot Wax, which is a natural wax that is skin and environmentally safe & reduces pollutants in your home!

2. Sustainable and reusable vessels. Our luxury vessels are created and meant to be reused! Here's a few ways to reuse them: makeup brush holder, cotton balls or q-tips in your bathroom, bath salt holder, use to water your plants or hold fresh or faux flowers, use as a plant waterer. These are just a few!!

3. Sustainable packaging. We aim to use as little as plasti

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