Self Care to Success

Much like the message on Monday about believing in yourself to achieve success. Taking care of yourself is also another pillar in your reaching your success journey. Things you do every single day, each of you your daily choices will reflect how much you value yourself. You have to get into the habit of adopting habits that will protect your physical and mental wellbeing.

  1. Exercise regularly. Physical activity reduces stress and increases hormones that help you to feel calm and happy. Try to get in the habit of aiming for at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise each week. A simple daily walk is all you really need.

  2. Eat healthy. It’s easier to have confidence when your energy levels are high, and your blood sugar is stable. Enjoy a diet rich in nutritious whole foods, including plenty of vegetables. Research has shown there are lots of ways to reach your healthy goals through different eating plans, just find the one that is best for you and be your best at it.

  1. Sleep well. Your body and mind need 7 to 8 hours of restful sleep each night. Stick to a consistent bedtime and keep your bedroom dark and quiet this means putting your phone down. I have an iPhone and my favorite feature is downtime because it forces me to put my phone down. You should also nap and rest as well whenever you feel burned out. We are in a society filled with an attitude that you must always be going but you have to rest in order to be well.

  2. Manage stress. How do you deal with daily tensions? Learn constructive coping strategies. In addition to working out, you could develop a daily self-care practice or listen to soft music.

All of these things are setting you up for success and not failure. You have to learn to take time out for yourself by taking care of yourself often.

Affirmations to practice:

To reach success I will take care of mind and body. I will eat healthy and exercise on a regular. When I feel burned out I know that it’s ok to take a break and rest. I will be sure that I am leaning on dangerous coping mechanisms and create self-care routines often.

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