What is Authenticity

Everyone preaches the need for authenticity. Yet, when it comes down to showing up authentically you and this desire to fit it, authenticity begins to feel risky. There is always something in humans that innately wants people to like them while wishing everyone would accept them just the way they are.

You see it every day in social media, there are thousands of people seeking to achieve acceptance by only showing people who they think they could be rather than who they truly are.

There are many definitions of authenticity that people come up with. Some say it's about owning your thoughts and feelings, while others say it's about being truthful even at the cost of hurting others. Then others will say it’s about not caring what others may think.

What does it truly mean to live authentically though? Authenticity means accepting your authentic self. It means accepting that you're perfectly imperfect and learning to love yourself despite that imperfection. Authenticity doesn't make you immune to criticism, hurt feelings, or rejection.

You can still get rejected and embarrassed when expressing yourself. However, by being authentic, you won't have to carry around the fear that everyone else is thinking one thing about you versus your opinion of what's going on around you.

Adopting an authentic attitude is about embracing reality. It's about letting go of wishful thinking. An authentic attitude is about facing your fears and making difficult choices. Finally, a genuine person speaks his opinion honestly but in a healthy manner.

By being authentic, you're free to express how you feel, communicate your ideas, and make decisions that support your values.

Affirmations to practice: I am perfectly imperfect and this is what makes me authentic in how I live. I accept who I am and embrace my reality. I express my authenticity in a healthy way. I am able to communicate and make decisions based on the things I believe in.

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